Friday, September 30, 2011

Preparing for the Apocalypse

Ha ha! Not really.  But I was busy for a couple of weeks, and one of the things I was doing was canning.

I canned the romas that ripened--not a great crop this year, but enough for a few quarts of tomatoes, at least.  I made spicy pickled green tomatoes, rosemary dilled cherry tomatoes, pickled green beans with lemon, black beans, red beans, and some beets.  I may be all set here.

I like making the pickles because they're a nice side to have with dinner sometimes, and they also make for fun gifts to give to people.

As far as the beans go, I make a lot of chili in the winter--it's my go-to dish when I'm shoveling my car out from a few feet of snow (seriously--you'd think I was back in upstate New York the past few years).  I pull out the slow cooker, throw in the beans, tomatoes, a can of stewed tomatoes, chili pepper, maybe a chopped jalepeno, garlic, cumin, maybe some ground meat, onion, and a teaspoon of cocoa powder (never more).  I also make burritos and quesedillas with them, and dips.  And with white beans, I make chicken cassoulet.  It's not a proper cassoulet, which uses several different meats and requires a bunch of different steps, but it's nice.

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