Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey, strangers!

It's been a really eventful couple of weeks.  Let's just say that I have the best parents in the world, and the most understanding neighbor ever, and leave it at that.

I am currently reading the book Packing for Mars.  It's a fun read, but I found that it's best not read it while you're eating.  Think about the every day snafaus of space travel, and then get even more obscure (and gross).  It only served to confirm the fact that unlike many other people, I will never go into a glorified can in orbit.  Even if it wasn't dangerous, living in a cramped, hot space station with no real ability to take a proper shower, etc. is kind of gross.  Also, I think weightlessness would irritate me after the first five minutes.

I did make a fantastic dinner tonight for my neighbor and her very kind boyfriend, and I will tell you all about it tomorrow.  I took no pictures, however, as I was busy cooking and cleaning as I went. 

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