Friday, September 23, 2011

Bare Essentials?

Judy's been decluttering.  It got me thinking: what would I keep if I had to pare down the absolute essentials?

It was tricky.  In the kitchen, it's easy--my skillet, my enameled cast-iron casserole, a saucepan, my paring knife and a larger knife, and my slow cooker (that is non-negotiable).

If I had to, I'd get rid of all of my books (libraries are wonderful things). There are a bunch of tea sets and tea cups that I could get rid of (they take up space in one small cabinet in the kitchen), but I'd cry--the cups are my late nana's, and the tea sets are from Japan, where I used to live.  There is some glassware that I could get rid of (again, I'd cry--it was my nana's), some wine glasses and a wine rack I could get rid of--there's actually a lot I could do without. I've pared down a lot of my clothing, but I still have some things that I could get rid of if I had to.  And I've got a box of sewing/knitting supplies that I can't bear to part with because, yes, I will get back to it one day.  But if I had to, I could get rid of that stuff.

I already went on a decluttering tear--took out a grody old rug, planters that I wasn't using, a couple of boxes that I had just in case I needed them, etc.  My second bedroom had become an unofficial storage center, and it looks a lot better now.

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