Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playgrounds and Llamas, oh, my!

I took last Friday off and watched my niece and nephew.  They are enamoured with herbs and get a kick out of the idea that there are plants you can eat that aren't vegetables.  I took them to my community garden plot here in town--we had three ripe roma tomatoes, so we each had one.  They helped me get some herbs and tie some tomato plants to stakes.  Another gardener is growing peppermint and she is very kind--always exhorts people to help themselves.  Well,  I don't take any, but this time I had the kiddos take a couple of leaves to try.  My nephew especially is very taken with mint (I got him a mint plant to water and grow; his sister has an oregano plant).  The peppermint is a little different--a bit spicier, and he shivered when he ate it.  My niece said that my oregano is a little spicier than hers--I wonder if it's a different variety?  Ah, yes, I am still a novice about these things.

There is an old mansion whose grounds have been turned into a nonprofit horticultural center/conservation land near where I live.  People rent the mansion for events (weddings are especially popular) and there are garden plots, chickens, and a fenced field with sheep and llamas.  My nephew wanted to pet the llama but I cautioned him not to.  It's not a petting zoo, and I don't think llamas are okay with being touched.  At any rate, I did not want to return him to my sister sans right hand.

There is a playground near where I live and they played there for a while as well. 

They were good sports--I had them try my fakey gazpacho and they gave it the college try.  They didn't like it much, but as I said to them, it's good to try things.  You don't have to like it but give it a chance.  I used to be a very picky eater and now I pretty much will give anything a go.  Except meatloaf.  I think I'd rather eat a bag of bugs than meatloaf.

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