Friday, July 15, 2011

My first cucumber and other garden news

Today I picked my first cucumber.  There are a few small ones starting as well.  The plants have a lot of flowers on them, so I'm thinking I'll have a good crop.  I have been sick and wasn't able to keep up with the garden as much, so the weeds are back out in full force.  I really, really wish they hadn't shut down the community garden for two weeks, and that they had tested the soil when they first set this up.  I've been doing triage since they let us back in.

My bush bean plants are pretty much gone--baby rabbits come in to eat them (I saw their scat on one of the tarps I put down).  I am getting some tomatoes--hopefully I'll get a lot this year.  I've got some flowers on the plants, but not lots.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  My eggplants are getting big, now if they'll only bear fruit!  My red pepper plant is bearing fruit and two of the six green pepper plants are getting big (but not bearing fruit yet).

My rosemary is still small and my thyme is a little sad.  The oregano is growing close to the ground, not up.  The basil--the plants that survived, that is--is doing well. 

Well, you know how I said I'd share my triumphs and failures with you?  Looks like the garden is a mixed bag this year. We'll see. . .

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