Friday, July 1, 2011

I call hoax. Or pathetic attempt of a pickup artist.

So, apparently someone found an ATM receipt in the Hamptons that showed a bank balance north of $99M.  Several things ran through my mind:

No kidding, it's the Hamptons!
Are you sure it's not a printer error?
Are you sure their account wasn't hacked?

But I think it may be a prank or a hoax.  Either someone's bored and wants to have some fun and stir up some dramz, or it's some dude who is convinced that the chicks will reject him if he's not sweating cash and so bought a fake receipt. Yes, there are companies that create those, and there are pathetic losers who have decided that only rich men find love because all women are golddiggers, so they try to fake being rich, end up with a golddigger, and fulfill their own prophecy.  Your own hell, you really can make it.

Also--look, not that I am wealthy by any stretch, but the ultra-wealthy don't tend to let their bank balances be known to people.  Heck, I don't let my bank balance be known to people--if anyone knows it, it was revealed through subterfuge, not by any of my doing.  Not unless they are naive or very, very stupid.  Someone worth $100M or $1B may buy a mega-yacht or own homes in Aspen, Geneva, New York, and LA.  They may have a staff their household with a number of people that rivals the number of people employed by governments of small nations.  But I don't think it's likely for anyone who's really that wealthy to leave that information about.

Come to think of it, this may be a brilliant guerrilla marketing ploy for novelty/joke companies that print these things for people.  Or for a pick-up-artist guru who wants to drum up business. 

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