Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy Days

So, I've been mainly doing triage on my garden plot, which is why I've been so awful about posting here.  Remember when I said you'd hear more about my failures than my triumphs?  Well, this is one of those times.  Lucky you!

Anyway, it's a combination of bad planning on my part and forces arrayed against me.  I was going to mulch my garden (and just keep up with the weeding as I mulched parts of it, since it's a big plot and it's difficult to get that much mulch when you don't have a yard).  Unfortunatly, everyone got an email that the gardens were temporarily closed due to the fact that they had to test the soil--one of the plots at the other garden site had elevated levels of lead (!) and so they wanted to make sure it was safe.  Then they wanted to make sure there weren't any heavy metals in the soil, so it was over two weeks before I got the all clear to go in.


It was a jungle in there.  I couldn't see my bean plants or my green pepper plants.  My herbs were lost in a sea of grass.  I spent a lot of time pulling weeds and laying down tarps, and there are still a lot of weeds (though I can see my plants now).  The good news is, I have a huge weed mulch pile.

Last weekend, something came in an ate a lot of my bean leaves (seriously? You filthy rodents can't even wait until there are beans?).  I guess fencing around a plot stops no hungry mammal.  I'm hoping a garden snake moves into the mulch pile.  The beans--most of 'em--are coming back, though I'm down to 11 plants now.  Sigh.

My eggplants seem to be doing okay, my tomatoes are doing okay (they are mostly staked), my red pepper plant is doing well (getting big, has flowers on it), my green pepper plants are small and stunted.  My herbs are also a bit small and stunted but it's been cool and rainy so maybe that's why?  As I've said before, it's a good thing I don't have to rely on my gardening prowress to eat, or I'd be in big trouble.

I will eventually get a decent digital camera (the one I have had for years pooped out on me a  couple of years ago) and I'll post pictures of my weed patch--er, I mean my vegetable garden.  And maybe other things, like the buzzard I saw grooming itself in a nearby tree when I pulled into a parking spot at work.  (They are surprisingly cute.)

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