Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is not the way to protest your bill

So, I've read stories like this one before.  A customer is angry with a company or the local government or city hall or a utility and pays their large bill with coins only.  And I've gotta say, I'm unimpressed.

Dear Jackasses who think they're Sticking It to the Man: So you think your cable company, lending institution, credit card company, utility, local government, whatever, is ripping you off?  You think it's unfair that you have to pay a fee or taxes? Maybe it is unfair, maybe they company or town or utility is being absolutely awful.

How, exactly, is dumping a bunch of pennies or coins on the desks of the clerks, or on the floor of the business, going to stick it to the people in charge?  Do you really think the CEO or the President or the selectmen care that the front-line clerks have to deal with someone who's feeling spiteful?  You think the board of the company or the local select board is sweating the fact that clerks have to take up a large chunk of their workday day counting the change?

Those clerks are the ones who are paying for your dissatisfaction and anger, not the CEO or the actual decision makers.  Those clerks are plankton on the food chain.  It's pretty nasty and frankly, spineless to take this out on people who make a fraction of what the people on top make, who have to take your grief and who are routinely the targets for abuse. 

Doing this is like throwing rocks at sanitation workers because you're mad at the mayor.  Grow up already.

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