Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Meal

Today is Father's Day.  Like Mother's Day, I'll have my parents over for dinner.  My dad's request was 40 Clove of Garlic Chicken.  There are also versions for your slow cooker.  I'll sautee some greens, maybe serve some beets from the CSA.  (I've learned to not overdo it on the vegetable offerings.  I used to have three or four vegetable sides and I'd have a lot of leftovers.  Well.  Maybe that would be a good idea for lunch this week. . .

My coworker told me how to make cold brewed iced coffee--she said you take two cups of ground coffee, and mix it with cold water in a large mason jar (I have a three quart one that I used) and let it sit overnight.  Strain the grounds out and serve.  I'll let you know how it tastes, and how my folks liked it.

I will say this about Father's Day: the funny cards that are out there are subpar.  Mother's Day cards had a much better selection.  Also, I'm tired of fart jokes on Father's Day.  That seems to be the only jokey card out there this year.  My Dad Farts.  Yeah, guess what?  Everyone farts.  I fart, you fart (don't lie, you do), the Queen of England farts. 

OK, I was going to delete that last paragraph, but now I'm really curious to see if it will affect the Google ads on the blog. 

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  1. If you're not farting, you're dying. I've had enough GI operations to know the first thing the doctors and nurses are looking for after surgery is for you to start passing gas again. They're noticeably relieved when it happens.