Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weird combinations that work

Cabbage of any variety is really tasty if you saute it with either a chopped tart apple (like a grannysmith or macintosh apple) or some fennel.

Stuffing poultry with fruit (an apple, or a citrus fruit) and/or an onion and some herbs keeps it really moist.  Just don't eat the fruit and onion (or herbs).  It does add a nice flavor to the bird. 

It is well worth it to try and forgo processed food if you can just so you can salt your fruit.  A little bit of salt on fruit is just a plate of heaven.  For real.

One of my favorite soups to make is butternut squash and apple soup.  Really? I'm starting to think that apples go with anything.

You can pretty much make anything taste good if you throw a dash of garlic or ginger on it.

Sometimes I like a little bit of soy sauce on my scrambled eggs.  (Not a lot.)

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