Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things I have that I use all the time

This weekend, I plan on getting rid of a lot of stuff I don't use. I've been doing an inventory and figuring out what I use and what I don't use; there are a lot of things I don't use.  But there are a lot of things that you will have to pry from my cold, dead fingers.  I was kind of surprised by that.  What's not surprising is that they are mainly kitchen implements and tools.  Ha!

My immersion blender.  That thing rocks.  When I make soups or sauces and need to puree them, I can just place it in the pot and not worry about pouring two batches into a blender or food processor. 

My slow cookers.  Yes, that's right, I have two.  I got one for Christmas (at my request), a 6-quart oval one that can fit a roast.  About a year ago, I got a used 4-quart slow cooker--it's round, and it's old (the crockery insert is not removable) but it works.  Yes, actually, I have used them at the same time. If I'm going to be around (or at least back by a decent hour), I'll make chili, soup, or other dishes for dinner and save the leftovers in containers for lunches.  What can I say?  Sometimes, I just don't want a sandwich. 

My knives.  Wow, I sound like a serial killer! Well, they are nice knives.  They were gifts received over the period of two or three years, as I owned really cheap ones beforehand.

My knife sharpener.  It's noisy and kind of annoying, but wow do they make my knives effective.  (There I go, sounding like a serial killer again.)

My cast iron skillet.  That thing is the best.  I get a kick out of putting it in the oven.  (No, my other stuff is not oven safe).

My small non-stick skillet.  I like omelets.   This is ideal for them.

My pressure canner, which a friend gave to me.  I've used the daylights out of that thing.  I plan to use it a lot more.  Especially at the end of the summer, when the tomatoes come in.

Other stuff--like cleaning stuff--I keep pretty basic.  All I need are some rags, some soap, alcohol, and vinegar, and I'm good to go.  Though if I had a robot cleaner I'd be all set.

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