Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes I'd like a robot cleaner

Not quite a Stepford Wife, you understand, but a robot that would keep my house clean during the week, and maybe give me the occasional shoulder rub. OK, that does sound kinda Stepfordy. Eeew.

The thing is, I do feel a certain satisfaction when I do this stuff myself. I cleaned off my balcony, scrubbed down the cheapo-plastic chairs on it, and washed the windows. I felt really happy and accomplished when I was done (and yes, I've been sitting out there--shivering--to enjoy it). Problem is, my commute from work gets me home a bit late (and if I have a meeting at night, they run overlong and so forget it, I barely have the wherewithal to brush my teeth correctly). So I don't really have the energy to maintain things properly. Which means I have to scramble to make things look presentable on the weekends.

My kitchen? A big old mess right now. And I have laundry on my drying rack that needs to be put away. And another load that needs to be done.

So. A robot cleaner would be fantastic. As long as it doesn't malfunction and try to polish the cat. She wouldn't take kindly to that.

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