Friday, December 31, 2010

Who is this Feral Homemaker?

I was going to wait until January 1st to launch this blog, but woke up early and figured I'd start it now.  I haven't had any caffiene yet so let's blame any spelling errors in this post on that, okay?

I'm starting this blog because I enjoy a lot of things about homemaking--cooking, creative reuse, and canning, to name a few.  I've tried my hand at (and I'm still trying my hand at) knitting and sewing.  The results have been. . .interesting, so far.  But I'm also fairly new to this and do not have a lot of time to dedicate to it--I do it when I can.  Maybe one day, when I get a bit braver (and can comandeer someone's garage--condo living puts a damper on these things) I'll try my hand at woodworking or auto repair.  (Okay, maybe woodworking.  I don't think me plus screwdriver plus car will equal anything but unmitigated disaster.)

This blog is called Feral Homemaking because unlike other blogs out there, I am not a stay-at-home mom (no kids, actually, though I love being an aunt) or a full-time homemaker.  I work a paying job that I quite enjoy.  I was never one of those people who couldn't do basic things like laundry, but I had a lot to learn, and am still learning.   (Did you know that it's a really bad idea to crack an egg into a mug and cook it on high in the microwave for five minutes? Yeah, I didn't either when I was in college.  I know now.  Yes, I do.)

In the twenty years since the Day of the Egg, I've learned a bit more about cooking (one day I will run through a list of the hard way I've learned some of the basics).  I've recently gotten more into it, discovered the joys of canning, and am turning into a hard-core frugalista.  Well, sort of.  I've still got a weakness for books and Chinese food.  (Yes, I live near a library.  Yes, I can actually make Chinese food at home.  But there are some books that I will read over and over, and sue me--sometimes I like it when someone else does the cooking.)

This blog is for anyone--anyone at all--who enjoys cooking, who wants to pick up different ways to save money, or who wants to improve their homemaking skills. Even if you work full time, you have to eventually have to do this stuff.

At any rate, you'll all feel better about the skills you already have since, frankly, you'll hear more about my misadventures than my triumphs.